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Welcome to Nepal's leading handicraft distributor; we deliver the best quality handicrafts from Nepal. We purchase the crafts from local artisans and craftsmen visiting several remote areas of Nepal, most of which are underrated, and create a market for these products. This is our effort to bring the beautiful crafts from all over the country into the light, and help sustain the lives of these artisans. We guarantee you about the quality of the product you get from us; we always ensure that you get the best product. Currently, we are providing several kinds of carpets, statues, and wooden handicraft, however, we are considering to include as much handicraft in Nepal as possible. Let us be the supplier of antique and valuable crafts from Nepal, and be assured about the quality of the product and speedy delivery. 

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Wooden Handicrafts

Wooden Handicraft in Nepal has remained one of the most important art since very early days in Nepal. Nepalese monasteries, palaces, temples, and ancient residential homes are all decorated in traditional wood crafts and carvings. The early Lichhavi regime in Nepal is considered as a landmark period for growth and development of Nepalese wooden handicraft, which continued to mark its success through to Malla regime. Traditionally the woods like Dhunsi or Chasi were used to make wooden crafts, but nowadays, Sal, Chapa, Agrath, etc. are extensively used for the crafts.
Nepalese woodcraft is closely tied up with Newari community, especially with Silpakars. These artisans use the tools and procedures mentioned in the scripts from
medieval period. As the woods are carved, the artisan pours every talent, every skill, every caution, and every attention s/he has attained from her/his ancestors. Either you view the ancient craft at Indresvara Mahadeva Temple of Panauti, or Akhi Jhyal of Bhaktapur, Newari craft skill won't stop to mesmerize you ever. The intricate details, patterns, carvings, and mythical symbolism have lots to speak to you.
Imagine Traders is a leading distributor of wooden handicrafts in Nepal delivering the most beautiful and exquisite wooden handicrafts. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.
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