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Welcome to Nepal's leading handicraft distributor; we deliver the best quality handicrafts from Nepal. We purchase the crafts from local artisans and craftsmen visiting several remote areas of Nepal, most of which are underrated, and create a market for these products. This is our effort to bring the beautiful crafts from all over the country into the light, and help sustain the lives of these artisans. We guarantee you about the quality of the product you get from us; we always ensure that you get the best product. Currently, we are providing several kinds of carpets, statues, and wooden handicraft, however, we are considering to include as much handicraft in Nepal as possible. Let us be the supplier of antique and valuable crafts from Nepal, and be assured about the quality of the product and speedy delivery. 

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Tibetan Woolen Carpets

When Tibetan refugees had to flee in 1959 to Nepal, they brought their skills of carpet making with them. The Tibetan style of carpet making spread across the nation as the Swiss Red Cross assisted in Tibetan carpet making. The wools aren't produced in Nepal, rather they are imported from Tibet. Artisans use their learned style of carpet making to make a Tibetan wool carpet. These carpets are made manually; every thread has the attention and care of the artisan; they are the products of passion, of love, of persistent effort to make something more valuable than a materialistic significance of a product.
Tibetan wools are collected from the sheep grazing in the highlands of the Tibet; they are knotted in different ways and can be tied quickly. The designs of the carpet are simple; it doesn't contain any extensive artwork. You will feel the luxury and comfort under your feet. Since they require less time to knot, the Tibetan rugs are perfect for customizing the colors and sizes. These carpets are the most exquisite floor furnishing you will ever have. The simple design imprints a shadow of
spacious floor. You shall get lost in a staggering reminiscence as you step on the carpet, whose wool is imported from Tibet, and making is done in Nepal.
Imagine Traders is a leading supplier of Tibetan wool carpet that provides you the promising and best quality products. For more information about the carpet or any other product or the services we provide, do not hesitate to contact us.

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