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Welcome to Nepal's leading handicraft distributor; we deliver the best quality handicrafts from Nepal. We purchase the crafts from local artisans and craftsmen visiting several remote areas of Nepal, most of which are underrated, and create a market for these products. This is our effort to bring the beautiful crafts from all over the country into the light, and help sustain the lives of these artisans. We guarantee you about the quality of the product you get from us; we always ensure that you get the best product. Currently, we are providing several kinds of carpets, statues, and wooden handicraft, however, we are considering to include as much handicraft in Nepal as possible. Let us be the supplier of antique and valuable crafts from Nepal, and be assured about the quality of the product and speedy delivery. 

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Statues From Nepal

The metal, wooden, clay, and stone statues from Nepal, especially in Patan, has been popular since very long back. The Newari artisans have remained pretty popular, experienced and busy making statues since the Middle Ages. The Metal statues are made from brass, copper, and several alloys, rather than bronze. The most interesting part of the statue making is that still these statues are handmade, in traditional fashion. Some statues are made from molding, other by hammering the metal until it comes to desired shape, or by the Cire Perdue method Newari artisans have been practicing since years.
Producing a statue starts with making a model of bee wax. The model, then, is covered with clay. Such model is left to dry for few weeks. After the model dries up completely, is hard, the process of melting the wax starts. After melting a rough cast is formed. Then the process of carving, polishing, application of gold, and giving final touch are done. The task of chiseling intricate patterns takes lot of time, care, and attention. The thin layer of gold is applied on the surface of the statue; also some other semi-precious items are added.This method is important to obtain a peculiar and distinct product. Production of larger statues go through a consolidated method.

These statues from Nepal resemble the time-honed expertise and excellence of Newari artisans, and with every detail, it speaks a different story. Imagine Traders provides you the best quality statue produced in Patan. Feel free to contact us for any more inquiry.