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Welcome to Nepal's leading handicraft distributor; we deliver the best quality handicrafts from Nepal. We purchase the crafts from local artisans and craftsmen visiting several remote areas of Nepal, most of which are underrated, and create a market for these products. This is our effort to bring the beautiful crafts from all over the country into the light, and help sustain the lives of these artisans. We guarantee you about the quality of the product you get from us; we always ensure that you get the best product. Currently, we are providing several kinds of carpets, statues, and wooden handicraft, however, we are considering to include as much handicraft in Nepal as possible. Let us be the supplier of antique and valuable crafts from Nepal, and be assured about the quality of the product and speedy delivery. 

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Cashmere Silk Carpets

Cashmere silk carpet, originally, used to be produced in Kashmir. Cashmere fibers are produced from mountain goats raised in the high Himalayas. In Nepal, these carpets are popularly known as Pashmina carpets. Mulberry silk and cashmere are combined together to make the silk carpet. Cashmere is obtained from mountain goats—Chyangra. Silk can be weaved with lots of knots and is resistant to mildew and molds. You should avoid exposing the silk carpet to sunlight; it is affected by alkalis, acids, and bleaches. Similarly, from very start to finish cashmere carpets are made manually. Pure silk cashmere carpet has either cotton or silk base.
Every knot, every fiber, and every finishing have a story to tell you. The blend of cashmere and silk makes a perfect combination for the durability, fineness, exquisite design, smooth texture, and impression of traditional skills, beliefs, and expertise. Either you place it on the floor, or cover the wall, cashmere silk carpet is the perfect item for decoration and room-furnishing. These carpets have more artistic value than its materialistic use.
Imagine Traders is a leading distributor of cashmere silk carpet from Nepal that has been delivering quality products since years. Rest assured about the quality of carpet we provide, we shall never leave any reason for your disappointment. For more information about the carpet do not hesitate to contact us; we would be more than happy to hear from you.