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Welcome to Nepal's leading handicraft distributor; we deliver the best quality handicrafts from Nepal. We purchase the crafts from local artisans and craftsmen visiting several remote areas of Nepal, most of which are underrated, and create a market for these products. This is our effort to bring the beautiful crafts from all over the country into the light, and help sustain the lives of these artisans. We guarantee you about the quality of the product you get from us; we always ensure that you get the best product. Currently, we are providing several kinds of carpets, statues, and wooden handicraft, however, we are considering to include as much handicraft in Nepal as possible. Let us be the supplier of antique and valuable crafts from Nepal, and be assured about the quality of the product and speedy delivery. 

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About Us

Established in 2009, Imagine Traders & Suppliers Pvt. Ltd. is a leading distributor of quality carpets, statues, and wooden handicrafts from Nepal. We market the arts and crafts of Nepalese artisans and craftsmen around the globe. They pour their skills and expertise handed down from generations representing their cultural views and values. These crafts are miniature views of the culturally rich and ethnically diverse country-Nepal.

We are not the manufacturer of these handicrafts, rather, we have coordination with several artisans and craftsmen from around the country. We visit several places of the country collecting wooden handicrafts, statues and other crafts from the locals. We also import Afghani and Tibetan carpets from genuine factories. Such collection brings diverse artworks representing various culture, tradition, and social practices; we try to ensure that you get every form of art, no matter how shadowed it is due to lack of market or commercialization.

Statues made of bronze, silver, coppers and gold with chisel decorating the deities of Hindus and Buddhists; hand carved door panels, replicas of popular windows, figure of gods and goddesses, copy of monuments and temples, and other utility and decorative articles; cashmere carpets hand knitted by the time-honed artisans etc. are some of the important artworks we collect from the artisans and avail you.
We have well organized and reliable delivery procedures. And if you happen to be in Kathmandu, you can visit us at J.P. Road, Thamel and buy the product you desire. Rest assured about the genuineness, originality and quality of the products we provide. Provide us an opportunity to deliver the works of Nepalese artisans; we shall never leave a single reason to disappoint you.

Our objectives
We aim towards providing the quality handicraft products and expanding the market of the crafts produced in the remote part of Nepal. We value you money and respect your passion for handicraft arts, and deliver the products at your doorstep with utmost care. We provide these products in reasonable price and help encourage the artisans to sustain their activity of handicraft. We work towards availing you the original and distinct taste of arts from every possible way.

Our Mission
We establish proper and long-term coordination with artisans and craftsmen across the different parts of the country, ensuring that we are not missing significant items in the fashion of highlighting limited products. Though we do not produce any product, in the case of substantial degree of demand, we make agreement with these craftsmen for the production of the given product; otherwise, we purchase items from them based on the possibility of customer preference.
Raw Materials
Formation of metal statues is made using wax model, clay, and brass, copper, several alloys, polishing items, gold, semi-precious items, etc. Similarly, the woods of Agrath, Chapa, Sal, etc. are used for wooden handicrafts. Production of cashmere silk carpet uses undercoat furs of Himalayan goats—Chyangra, and Mulberry silks. Tibetan wools are imported from Tibet. However, Afghani carpets are imported from genuine factory as quality handicrafts from nepal.

Product line
We provide:
  • Varieties of metal statues, including the figures of Buddhist and Hindu gods and goddesses;
  • Varieties of cashmere silk carpets with various designs and color combinations;
  • Varieties of wooden crafts, including the copy of popular Hindu temples, palaces, door and window-frame, etc.
  • Tibetan carpets made from the wools imported from TibetanWe import Afghani carpets from genuine factories of Afghanistan.

There are various shipping methods we export your order across the world. You can choose the method while making an order with us.